Weddings Cakes Terms & Conditions

              1. Designs

The cake designs are the result of the information given to Mama Cakes by the customer. The interpretation of customers’ bespoke requirements and amendments to the design are approved by the customer during the order process; written/verbal descriptions and a diagram will be used to explain what the customer will receive.

Mama Cakes will do its best to match any colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact Pantone match as colours present differently in different materials. We aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible.

All of Mama Cakes’s wedding cakes come with an ivory or white ribbon around the base board as standard unless another colour is requested.

              1. Allergies & Special Dietary Requirements

All allergy and dietary requirements should be conveyed by the bridal couple during the consultation with Mama Cakes and confirmed verbally unless otherwise stated by the customer. If the bridal couple requires this information separately it should be requested at the latest one month before the wedding date by email to We are unable to send ingredients information out to customers by post.

Unless otherwise specified all Mama Cakes’s wedding cakes contain butter, gluten (wheat) and eggs and are made in an environment that handles nuts, soya and alcohol. Nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and alcohol-free cakes can be made on request but we cannot guarantee that these cakes will not contain trace amounts of these ingredients due to the nature of production.

Mama Cakes accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our cakes.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make Mama Cakes aware of any special dietary requirements that need to be accommodated in the making of their cake.

We cannot guarantee that the fruit used to make our jams and marmalades is 100% stone-free, as pips and stones can be missed in rare circumstances in the manufacturing process.

              1. Consultation and Tasting

The samples given in the consultation and tasting are made to approved Mama Cakes wedding cake recipes. However, every cake is handmade to order using fresh and natural ingredients and on rare occasions, slight variations may occur as a result of this.

The consultation and sampling consultation is free of charge. Please note that we require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a consultation. Failure to give this notice will result in a fee of £25.

Wherever possible, consultations will take place in the Mama Cakes studio at Whitehill Farm in Walton, but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this may not be possible and a suitable alternative venue elsewhere will be used instead.

              1. Payment and deposits

Customers will receive written quotes with a clear breakdown of which costs apply to what aspects of the cake via the Order Confirmation and Invoice form.

A deposit of 25% of the final invoice is required to confirm your order.

Cake deposits are non-returnable. Please refer to the section regarding cancellations for more details.

The final payment of the balance is due, at the latest, 28 days before your wedding reception date. Payment can be made earlier if you wish, but we require the balance closed 14 days prior to delivery.

Failure to complete payment by 14 days prior to your wedding reception may result in your cake order being cancelled.

Payment of deposits and balances must be taken through Claire Houghton-Byers Please call 07850287186 or email for more information.

              1. Alterations

Any alterations you wish to make to your confirmed, ordered cake design must be requested via email to We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make alterations to cakes requested within a month of delivery. If an alteration affects the cost, your balance will be adjusted accordingly. This cost alteration must be paid 14 days prior to your wedding reception date if the cost is over the original total. We will not be able to send you written confirmation of the changes. Any changes will be agreed via e-mail.

Alterations to wedding favours and cutting-cake orders may not be possible within 2 weeks of your wedding reception date.

Whilst we endeavour to make and design your wedding cake to the agreed specification, there are at times last minute alterations are needed to be made to enhance the appearance of the design this could be carried out using different materials or repositioning flowers, etc. Please be aware that these alterations could be done without prior consultation.

              1. Cancellation

We cannot return the cost of any cakes cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice.

All deposits are non-returnable. (This includes deposits for the cake, delivery and set-up and wedding favours).

Cake stand deposits are refundable upon the return of the cake stand to the Mama Cakes studio to the bakers satisfaction.

              1. Delivery and Set up

To guarantee the quality of our products we personally deliver and set up our cakes ourselves.

Mama Cakes wedding cakes can be delivered throughout Cumbria. Deliveries are strictly between 10am-4pm Monday-Saturday excluding public holidays and bank holidays.

Mama Cakes can deliver to the UK outside of Cumbria but the circumstances and requirements must be discussed with Claire Houghton-Byers and decisions as to whether this is appropriate will be made on a per-cake basis. Delivery charges for these locations will also be discussed on a per-cake basis.

Mama Cakes does not charge a flat fee for delivery and assembly. All delivery charges are calculated on a distance and time basis and are quoted in the order confirmation. Mama Cakes delivery charges include delivery to the agreed location for the specified time (as per the order confirmation), liaison with the caterer or banqueting manager at your venue and assembly of the cake in-situ.

Delivery charges are calculated as starting from Mama Cakes studios at Whitehill Farm in Walton. The route taken is at the baker’s discretion.

Delivery charges for journeys longer than six hours are to be discussed on a per-customer basis due the need for driver rest-breaks and possible overnight accommodation.

              1. Damages

Mama Cakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location.

For cakes delivered to wedding venues, Mama Cakes will provide a photograph as proof to say that the cake has arrived and that it arrived in perfect condition. Cakes picked up from the studio are checked by Claire Houghton -Byers and checked by the customer on collection. The customer consents that it has been collected in perfect condition by accepting the cake and removing it from the studio. Damages after this point are not Mama Cakes’s responsibility.

All Mama Cakes’s wedding cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring.

Please take care when displaying your cake at your wedding reception to avoid direct sunlight, spotlights or candles creating damage to the cake decorations. Hand-painted cakes are especially vulnerable to heat and light damage. All Mama Cakes’s cakes are designed to withstand normal and reasonable display conditions. Special requirements regarding display suitability will be discussed during the consultation process. Mama Cakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged during display at your wedding.

If you have any questions regarding any of our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to call us and we would be delighted to help. Email or telephone 07850287186.